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Buyers of pre-paid SIMs must be registered: NBTC (Source: The Nation)

31 Mar




What is Pocket WiFi / Mobile WiFi / MiFi?

31 Mar

What is Pocket WiFi / Mobile WiFi / MiFi?

Pocket WiFi, Mobile WiFi, or in short MiFi is a portable personal WiFi Router / Hotspot that has similar functions to a home WiFi router, to get devices connected to a network and the Internet. The only difference is that they run on batteries and can travel anywhere with you. A very handy gadget and almost a must-have for tech-savvy travelers. It comes in handy when you’re outside and need to look up online map, phone directory, or watch YouTube video. It can hook up up to 5 of your devices including your Laptop to the Internet simultaneously!

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3 Major Mobile Network Providers in Thailand

29 Mar

Thailand Prepaid SIM Providers

True, AIS, and DTACT are the 3 major cellular network providers in Thailand. Their prepaid SIM card marketing names are 1-2-Call (AIS), True Move, and DTAC Happy respectively.

We will continue to post more reviews, product comparisons, and more info about these providers soon on this blog.

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ThaiSmileConnect Store – Mobile WiFi (MiFi) Rental – For Travelers to Thailand!

27 Mar Store – Thailand Mobile WiFi (MiFi) Rental

Visit us online any time! We will use this blog to post helpful travel-related information about Thailand tourism in general and how a traveler like yourself can stay connected during your visit in our land of smile!

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