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News Updates: True Move Launches 4G Service

3 Jun

News Updates: True Move Launches 4G Service

True Move becomes the first mobile company to launch 4G service in Thailand, targeting to have at least 2,000 base stations by the end of this year.

The company’s executives said at a press conference on Wednesday that Internet speed in the first phase would be 4-5 times faster than the 3G service network’s. Within 2013, the service coverge will be extended to cover Bangkok city centres like Siam Square, Silom and Sathorn and 15 key provinces.

On the side, the company is expanding its 3G service. More base stations will be established this year, to boost the number to 21,000 at the end of this year. At present, the service – True Move H – is assistend by 13,000 base stations in 77 provinces. (Source: NationalMultiMedia)


‘Like’ + ‘Review’ Bonus!

20 May

'Like' + 'Review' Bonus!

For our customers, ‘Like’ us on Facebook and give us a quick review and receive 50 THB Refund Bonus this summer when returning the product! Find out more info in the rental package. (Promotion ends 30/6/2013)


Live SpeedTest – Off the Coast of Krabi, Thailand

30 Apr

Live SpeedTest - Off the Coast of Krabi, Thailand

Live Speed Test – Off the Coast of Krabi, Thailand. Ping to Bangkok Server. This speed is among the fastest one could get on the current 3G networks for any network providers in Thailand today!


Stay Connected During Your Visit to Thailand!

23 Apr

Stay Connected During Your Visit to Thailand!

Connect up to 5 of your Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously anywhere in Thailand on the fastest and most coverage networks today!


Thailand’s Songkran Day (Apr 13-17, 2013)

14 Apr

Thailand's Songkran Day

Happy Songkran Day or Thai New Year Day from ThaiSmileConnect!

Buyers of pre-paid SIMs must be registered: NBTC (Source: The Nation)

31 Mar




What is Pocket WiFi / Mobile WiFi / MiFi?

31 Mar

What is Pocket WiFi / Mobile WiFi / MiFi?

Pocket WiFi, Mobile WiFi, or in short MiFi is a portable personal WiFi Router / Hotspot that has similar functions to a home WiFi router, to get devices connected to a network and the Internet. The only difference is that they run on batteries and can travel anywhere with you. A very handy gadget and almost a must-have for tech-savvy travelers. It comes in handy when you’re outside and need to look up online map, phone directory, or watch YouTube video. It can hook up up to 5 of your devices including your Laptop to the Internet simultaneously!

If you have a plan to visit Thailand soon and are in need of one, we have them for rent at a special rate now at our Thailand Mobile WiFi (MiFi) Rental page.

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